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 how to become rich with alchemy/the primal might prob

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PostSubject: how to become rich with alchemy/the primal might prob   Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:18 am

Hey everyone,

since the normal cooldowns on all crafted items are back, i would like to encourage every single player to do alchemy or tailoring. Were having problems otherwise to get enough PRIMAL MIGHT (24 hour cd) and cloth like shadow/spell/moon with a cooldown of 4days!!!

All proffessions need PRIMAL MIGHT. theres a total of 50 items containing PM. Im an enchanter for example and would need 4 PRIMAL MIGHT ASAP in order to make EXECUTIONER and all other enchants from 375. Im sure ill do another alt to perform alchemy but it wont be enough. I will spend 30% of all incoming money to the guild and 30% to the alchemist whos helping me. btw, Papa needs the mights as well i think.

Nevertheless, we would all benefit from as many alchemist as we can do. Because of the FLASKS/ELIXIER/TRANSMUTE spec their services are VERY usefull.

So pls ppl, if you are bored and go fishing - DONT!! go skill alchemy
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how to become rich with alchemy/the primal might prob
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